Come up with a crazy marketing idea

TaskmasterHere’s the challenge you’re going to set your team this week – who can come up with the craziest marketing idea?


There are a few rules.


It’s got to be something out of the box that your business wouldn’t do. If you’re a conservative services company, the “crazy” idea cannot be a new marketing brochure.


It’s got to be something that is attention grabbing.


It has to be something that tells the story of your brand in seconds.


If you’ve got an event coming up, that might make the challenge even easier – ask staff to come up with something unusual for the specific event.


If it’s a trade show, how will you grab attention? Perhaps you’ll set up a dunking machine where the CEO gets dumped every time they get an audience question wrong.


If it’s an awards night, could you get pianist to write and play jingles about award winners, guests and staff?


If it’s someone else’s event, could you hijack it with a stunt?


Get thinking and get a little crazy. And get it done – today!


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