Consider you new (financial) year resolutions

TaskmasterThis article first appeared on June 24, 2011.


At the start of every year, people from all walks of life come up with New Year’s Resolutions to try and set themselves a goal for the year ahead.


Of course, they are usually on holidays when they do this, so the resolutions are usually concerned with their personal life. Lose weight, scale Mount Everest, give up smoking – you know the drill.


But the start of the new financial year is different – we are all at work and in the middle of a busy year.


With this in mind, I am declaring that the new financial year is the time when entrepreneurs should set some business-related goals for the next 12 months.


It could be something simple (“find out how SEO actually works and how we can get better at it”) or something a bit more ambitious (“double sales of our new product by the start of calendar 2012”).


It might have to do with your management style (“conduct weekly reviews with my key staff – and don’t skip the appointments”) or someone else’s (“engineer the removal of the chairperson of my board”).


Whatever it is, a goal setting session is well worth it.


This is one task that might take you a little more than a day, but it’s an exercise well worth doing.


Get it done – this financial year!


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