Create a career development program for your star employee

The Taskmaster says pay attention to your star staffThey are coming, and they want to take away your best employee. They come in all shapes in sizes – big, small, not-for-profit – but they are all known by the same name: Poachers.
As skills shortages begin to present themselves, staff turnover is certain to increase as salaries rise and employees start to feel they have real bargaining power.

That can be extremely tough for start-ups and small businesses, that don’t necessarily have the cash or career opportunities to compete with large rivals.

However, smart start-ups will face the problem head on, by opening up a dialogue with their star staff member and creating a career development program for them.

Sit down and find out about the career needs and expectations. What skills do they want to develop? What areas of the business do they want to learn about?

Then start talking about how you are going to help them do that. It might involve putting them in different role for a few months, or sending them to training courses. It could even involve seconding them to clients, if you are really struggling to meet their needs.

The important thing is to have the conversation and start to make your star feel valued and appreciated.

Get it done – today!


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