Cross-pollinate your teams

taskmasterTwo weeks ago I had a simple idea put in front of me from a member of our sales team, who didn’t really have much feel for how our orders are fulfilled.


“I reckon it would be great to spend a day just seeing how that part of the business works,” she said.


What a great idea. A week later I had put in place a structure whereby everybody spends half a day in another department every day for the next three months.


(I couldn’t do full days – just a bit too much disruption to the business.)


Now, that salesperson was genuinely curious, but I can tell you that inter-departmental rivalries are usually born from a bit of contempt – the sales team reckons the operations guys are slackers and the operations guys reckon the sales team has got it easy.


These mini job swaps are a great way to crush those feelings and to get everybody to understand that the giant wheel that is our business needs lots of little cogs.


Get it done – today!


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