Discover a potential star recruit

TaskmasterRegardless of the size or stage of their business, good entrepreneurs are always on the hunt for good people. It doesn’t matter how well things are going – finding that brilliant new sales person, that great new account manager or an experienced product development person can help take your business to another level.


You might not need that new recruit right now, and you might not be able to afford them. But when you are ready to hire a star, having a list of possible targets speeds up the process no end.


These potential star recruits can be everywhere – working with customers, with suppliers or as is most likely, working for a competitor. They might be in your industry, or they might work outside it.


Once you find someone who looks great, do a bit of research. Find out a bit about where they have worked previously, who might have mentored them, what their specific skills are (LinkedIn is a great resource here).


How close you are to hiring will determine the level of contact you have with them, but even if you are a long way off a pursuit, it’s a good idea to let your potential hire know you exist and might be interested.


Joining their LinkedIn network, sending them an email to compliment them for a good piece of work are nice ways to put you and your business on the radar.


It’s all about laying some groundwork for future success. So get it done – today!


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