Get your own assistant taskmaster

The Taskmaster says get your own TaskmasterHere’s a challenge for the start of the week. Obviously your online Taskmaster can’t be everywhere at once, so why not consider setting your own assistant taskmaster in your office, or workplace.



It might work this way. Say you come up – as you should – a weekly and/or daily list of goals, or tasks that you need to complete. It’s all good and well to have these written down and pinned to the notice board, but too often these tasks can be forgotten or ignored.


That’s where your assistant taskmaster comes in. This person monitors your list of goals and tasks, checks on your progress through the week and then sits down at the end of the week for a debriefing.


And if you haven’t completed some of those tasks, you’d better have some very, very good reasons why.


The assistant taskmaster might not work for everyone, but for some entrepreneurs it will be the extra bit of discipline and accountability they need to keep focused.


Get it done – today!


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