Give each staff member a rating

The Taskmaster - Rate Employee PerformanceHave you ever been to one of those parties where you wear green if you are available, red if you are not and yellow if you are unsure? No, me neither, but I think there is something in this simple traffic light signal system that we can apply to the workplace.


One website I like to watch for new ideas and trends is Inc and it was on there that an entrepreneur named John Caplan of eCommerce technology company Open Sky suggested an interesting ratings system for his staff.


At the start of each year, and in regular updates, he rates his staff with a simple green, yellow and red ranking, depending on whether they are handling their key tasks. It helps cement in his mind which staff need extra management attention or training and which are ready to step up.


It’s a nice idea and one that you could expand by adding some other categories by which you will rate staff.


For example, how involved is each staff member in the core business of your company? Green for those who are directly involved in producing profit, yellow and red for those who are less so. It’s a great quick way to see who really matters in your business and who needs to get more involved.


You could also rank people for their leadership abilities, their industry knowledge level, or their work in a particular area.


It’s a great way to see who you need to nurture and who might be ready to take on a new task.


Get it done – today!


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