Have an email-free period

The TaskmasterStudying the bedroom activities of entrepreneurs has always been a passion of mine. Some like to read the latest business books, catch up on the TV news or others actually talk to their partners.


But my investigations suggest that entrepreneurs are spending far too much time doing one bedroom activity that should be banned – checking their email (or their social media accounts) in bed.


As well as being one fast way to burn out your relationship, it’s also a great way to increase your stress levels, just before you try to get a good night’s sleep.


Email is a vital communication tool, but it’s also a time waster and lots of entrepreneurs confuse checking and responding to emails with actual, money-making work.


So here’s what you are going to do – set aside one period of the day where you shut down your email completely, and concentrate on a task that you may have been avoiding.


It might be the first two hours of the day, or a period in the morning before lunch, or a period in the early afternoon.


Just pick a time, pick a task to attack and see if your productivity improves in that period – I bet it will.


Test a few different email-free periods to sort out what works best for your – if you work best in the morning, perhaps having this no-email block at the start of the day might work best.


But get it done – today!



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