How can I motivate my staff?

The key thing to keep in mind is that money is not the only motivator. Your staff need leadership, direction and a unique culture to be motivated.


Some examples of motivation techniques you may want to experiment with include giving staff more autonomy. Put your staff in an environment where they are in charge of something, and they will tend to motivate themselves.

Performance reviews also play a key part here. Don’t just describe what your employees might be doing wrong. Give them clear goals and objectives to achieve, and offer some training or education to achieve it.


Keep providing your staff with a vision of the business and its goals. Your employees need to know what they need to have done in six months time and their exact impact on the business.


Provide rewards and recognition as a way of congratulating staff for successful outcomes, and make sure you do it publically. Create some unique benefits for your employees when they come to work each day.


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