Plan an end-of-financial-year party

TaskmasterThe end of financial year is looming large in the minds of entrepreneurs – so large, in fact, that they tend to go a little crazy.


The intense focus on meeting the annual budget, clearing up tax details, holding performance reviews and preparing next year’s budget can quickly becoming exhausting.


But you need to stop for a second. Take a deep breath and do what any good entrepreneur does at these times – plans to have a big drink.


Well, maybe not a big drink but definitely a party to celebrate the year that has just been. Some things you might celebrate are:

  • Beating your budgets
  • Winning some great new clients
  • Adding new staff members
  • Closing bid deals


In fact, don’t make me write the list of things to celebrate. As part of the invitation, ask everyone in your team to nominate their highlight of the 2010-11 year. Then read them all out at the party to acknowledge everyone.


Get it done – today!


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