Praise a staff member


This article first appeared May 5, 2011.


Let’s head into the weekend on a positive note by using one of the smartest (and cheapest) management tools going around – praise.


This comes hard to many entrepreneurs. We are busy people and our natural instinct is to strive to keep improving, keep setting new goals.


When you are trying to constantly do things better as your grow, and there’s always so much more to do, praise doesn’t always seem warranted.


But as we always say at Taskmaster Enterprises, little wins lead to big victories.


When a staff member closes a deal, finishes a project or handles something particularly well, it is important to recognise them, discuss the incident and note what they have learned.


It’s good for the performance management of the individual, it’s good for you as a manager and it’s good for your wider team to see this is the sort of culture you encourage.


Get it done – today.


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