Put some effort into performance reviews

taskmasterWhen people hear the word performance review, they can have some very different reactions.


Some see the annual review process as genuine chance for feedback and goal setting.


Some see it as a chance to vent their stored-up frustrations.


Some screw up their face at the idea of spending even a few minutes talking with their boss.


And, unfortunately, plenty see performance reviews as a big fat waste of time.


I reckon that’s your fault. Well, when I say “you” I mean managers and leaders.


In my experience, managers often do the same thing as employees, and turn up to the review meeting without having given it a thought. They often fail to invest the right amount of time and effort into preparing for a review and thinking about the feedback they want to give and the goals they want to set.


Not this year, my friends. Show the employee how dedicated you are by actually turning up the review with the review form filled in. And for God’s sake take some time to actually think about what you are putting down.


Treat the review seriously, and you’ll encourage your staff to do the same.


Get it done – today!


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