Re-release your big product


This article first appeared May 12, 2011.


The other day I went online to buy a CD by a band that was big in the 1960s. It’s a well-known album and I was immediately struck by how many different versions of the album were available.


The remastered version. The deluxe version. The 40th anniversary version. There was even an original mono version.


I was immediately struck by the tactic at work here – re-releasing a successful product with relatively small changes to spark fresh interest.


What a brilliant idea! Why not give it a try in your business.


Instead of waiting two or three years to refresh your product or service, which not try more regular product re-releases?


Say your key product is a training course.

The “remastered” version could add a free one-on-one session tacked on to the front.


The “deluxe” version might include three one-on-one sessions across the course.


The “mono” version might be stripped back of course, perhaps done online and sold more cheaply.


Subtle adjustments like this could be an easy way to extend your range and win new customers.


Get it done – today.


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