Give some referrals

TaskmasterThis article first appeared on July 13, 2011.


As an entrepreneur there is nothing more gratifying – not to mention satisfying – than when you are referred some business by a contact, colleague, supplier or, best of all, by a customer.


It’s a great feeling knowing that someone is endorsing your operation and is willing to put some business your way.


We all like getting referrals, but not all entrepreneurs are good at giving them.


Providing referrals is crucial to building strong relationships with customers, members of your network and suppliers.


It highlights the fact you are an authority in your sector and says that you are someone who is prepared to give back and help others.


And being seen that way is a great way to get referrals coming back your way, but a little warning – it’s very important that your referrals are quality ones.


If you’re going to recommend a friend or colleague to a customer or supplier make sure they are up to the job because a dud referral will come back to bite you.


Get it done – today!


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