Refine your “on-boarding” technique

taskmasterWe’ve been having particularly high staff turnover in one area of our business lately and it’s starting to tick me off. So I called an executive meeting of the Taskmaster Enterprises team and called for suggestions.


One particularly stuck out: “I don’t think we are ‘on-boarding’ our staff properly.”


Now, I initially thought on-boarding was a form of torture (apparently that’s water boarding) but I now know it’s the process you use when a new staff member arrives in the business.


It’s everything from having the right equipment for a staff member when they join (phones, computers, desks, chairs, car parking spot) through to the way that you set out your company culture, policies and processes.


The latter is crucial, as I am sure you all know. Taking new staff through your vision, culture and policies (from social media to expenses to bullying and office behaviour) is a non-negotiable.


But I reckon the other stuff – the desk and the chair and the phones – right is just as important.


If you don’t have a new hire’s desk completely set up, it’s probably because you are busy and putting out a thousand fires. Fair enough – in your mind at least.


But think of it from the new hire’s point of view. They might think this is a sign that near enough is good enough.


As always, little things matter.


Get it done – today!


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