Shut the door

TaskmasterToday I am going to introduce you to one of the most important tools in an entrepreneur’s arsenal – the door.


Some like the doors to be made of wood. For others, a glass door is suitable. Here at Taskmaster Enterprises, my door is made out of bullet-proof steel.


Not only is it excellent for blocking out the sounds of whiny employees, but it will protect me from a terrorist attack should a large multi-national decide they want to get my business in a hostile takeover.


Whatever your favoured building material, the key with your door is to shut it – regularly. In a start-up, an entrepreneur is called on to make a myriad of decisions every single day. That’s great, but there are times when you need to get some space from this detail and focus on something.


You might focus on a bigger picture strategy issue, some emails you just have to return, or even some sales calls.


Whatever it is, there are times that you simply need your office to be free from noise and distractions. Shutting the door allows your team to realise that one of these periods has started, and they should steer clear until the door is re-opened.


Get it done – today!


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