Pick a company colour

TaskmasterThe other day I was watching a webinar on how Australian tech giant Aconex built its iPhone app. It’s was fascinating to see how the app came together from idea to launch, but one of the really interesting parts was the design phase.


Clearly, this can be fraught with difficulties – good design is so often in the eye of the beholder.


But one thing that made the design process easier was the fact that Aconex has a particular colour it uses in its branding and logo – a striking burnt orange that is known internally as “Aconex orange”.


I immediately rushed out to me colleagues and declared Taskmaster Enterprises needed a corporate colour. I wanted green (the colour of money, of course) but most other members of the team pushed for black (the colour of my heart, they told me).


Seriously though, a corporate colour (or palette of colours) is a great idea. See it as an extension of your logo – it can bring together your letter heads, your corporate uniform, the colour of your reps’ cars and even your iPhone app.


So it is cerise? Teal? Hot pink? Get thinking and get colouring.

Get it done – today!


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