Start the new financial year with a clean desk

TaskmasterAh, a new financial year. New opportunities, new challenges, new frontiers. It’s enough to make a start-up entrepreneurs giddy with the thought of what lies ahead.


But before you get too carried away with lofty goals and ambitions, let’s start off on the right foot with a rather menial task – cleaning up your desk and in fact your entire office.


Dump those printed-out news stories you were always going to read – you haven’t, so you won’t.


Put away those files where they belong, or make sure they are in a folder or holder of some description if they need to be close at hand.


Chuck out those old magazines. Put the books you haven’t read on the shelf.


Collect business cards in one spot and have someone digitise them for you.

Get everything off the floor other than the furniture.


Clear a space so you can actually have people visit you.


Hey, maybe even wipe a few surfaces down.


You won’t know yourself so get it done – today!


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