Take some tips from Australia’s best employers

TaskmasterI was most surprised to find that Taskmaster Enterprises didn’t feature on the recently released list of Australia’s best employers.


Other than the yelling, the tears and the constant fear of getting sacked, there’s so much to like about working here.


Just kidding – TM enterprises is a terrible place to work. No wait, I mean terrific. I really do.


Anyway, our non-inclusion on the list led me to start checking what qualities the winners had. My investigation identified the following points:

  • An environment where good relationships with co-workers were encouraged.
  • Clear and well-articulated structures for pay and rewards.
  • An appreciation of work/life balance issues.
  • Leaders articulate the vision of the company.
  • Leaders are good at time management.
  • Leaders are good at figuring out which staff are suited to which roles.

How many of these traits describe your business?


Get it done – today!


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