Teach your staff that details matter

I’ve got a pet workplace peeve. It annoys me like nobody’s business. It makes my blood boil, although I know I shouldn’t get so upset.


My problem? I hate it when people show up late.


I know it’s silly. What’s 10 or 20 minutes when my staff are so dedicated? But in a funny way it says to me that if you can’t get the small things right there’s some danger that the big things will slip by you.


I’ve learned to swallow my lateness hatred to some extent, but I am determined to show my staff that details matter. Details like spelling people’s names right, filling in the proper paperwork, taking proper notes at meetings and even dressing properly.


All of these are the little things that project the image of your business to people inside and outside the firm. Get them right and no-one will notice. Get them wrong and you could really stuff something up.


I make my details drive known to my managers, but I’ve also tried to have a bit of fun with this. Each year at the Christmas party I nominate my “Details Demigod” to show that at least someone appreciates people who do the little things right.


The staff think I’m crazy, but I don’t care – this stuff really is important.


Get it done – today!


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