Tell someone your story

taskmasterThe other day I did a talk to a group of entrepreneurs where I explained what Taskmaster Enterprises is and shared some of the lessons that we’ve learned along the way.


I don’t know what the entrepreneurs got out of it, although they couldn’t have helped but be incredibly impressed about hearing from such an intelligent, suave and good looking speaker.


But the point was that I felt great. Getting up there and talking about everything we’ve achieved, and everything we’ve stuffed up, and everything we want to do in the future filled me with a great sense of pride in my company.


We have done pretty great things. We have beaten the odds. In our own way, we’re pretty special.


Sharing your story with someone and talking about your achievements is a great way to spread the word, but it’s also a great way to renew your confidence and pep yourself up.


If you get the opportunity to address a group or even enter a pitch completion, do it. Telling your story to someone is almost therapeutic – and everyone needs a bit of therapy from time to time, don’t they?


Get it done – today!


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