10 essential entrepreneurial videos

start-up-video-2-thumbThis article first appeared June 15th, 2012.


There’s nothing quite like seeing entrepreneurship in action. A business’ facts and figures may catch the eye, but it’s not until you see the founder talk about their idea that it truly comes to life and fires the imagination.


With this in mind, we’ve put together 10 videos that should be compulsory viewing for every start-up.


Some are instructive, others inspiring and one or two may raise a smile. But they all, in their own way, give an insight into what it takes to build a business.


1. What is a start-up incubator?


The recent explosion in start-up incubator numbers in Australia have led to a rush of budding entrepreneurs applying to the likes of AngelCube and Startmate.


But what, exactly, are incubators, how do they work and are they worth joining? In this video, Jay Adelson, founder of internet TV firm Revision 3, cuts through the hype to give a candid view on the pros and cons of incubators.

{qtube vid:=UD_vV9mC9IM}



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