The carbon tax opportunities

I apologise to those who are getting sick of hearing about carbon every morning with regularity approaching that of breakfast cereal. But it is the biggest sustainability issue we have ever faced and in relation to other environmental and social issues, we are finding they are all inextricably linked. If we can significantly reduce carbon pollution the benefits will also flow onto other environmental and social problems.

It seems only weeks after the details of the upcoming carbon tax were released, public support is slowly growing in favour of the tax. With ad campaigns for and against the tax being run one would hope they discount each other and give a real indication of the increase in acceptance. Only time will tell if the Australian people really are willing to put their money where their mouths are.

The introduction of a price on carbon in our economy and business sector creates the largest business opportunities since the dotcom days and will most likely dwarf the tech bubble when it goes into full swing over the next few years. Whether you are a well established business, a start-up, large or small, or an entrepreneur or investor, there are plenty of opportunities to grow, future proof, diversify or completely begin your business within the carbon constrained world we will be operating in.

We’ve all dreamed of inventing something, patenting it and sitting back while the money rolls in. In reality there is usually years of dedication, long hours and struggles before financial success occurs, but there have been few opportunities of this scale in the history of business so far.

Now is the time to start thinking about taking a few risks if you are willing and able or if you have that great idea you just haven’t done anything with. If you can save money and reduce carbon emissions for any organisation then you are in a good position.

As a business owner, by measuring and reducing your carbon emissions you will become more competitive, reduce energy price risk and enhance your reputation in the ever-growing green market. Ultimately a price on carbon will reward businesses that embrace the opportunities and punish the dinosaurs who resist change.

What category do you want to be in?


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