Time to put up your Christmas decorations: Deck the halls with boughs of holly

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Well, it’s almost that time of year again. That’s right, kids, it’s almost the festive season.

It’s that time of year where Australians take part in festivities perfect for the frozen tundra of a European winter, where the snow is whiter than Michael Jackson’s kids.

For, as we all know, nothing says Australia in December quite like reindeer, a snow sleigh, furry red coats or singing I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. (Well, Old Taskmaster is possibly excluding Melbourne with that snarky comment, but that’s another story!)

Bah humbug!

Depending on your industry, Christmas either means an inane end-of-year rush and significantly more work or – far worse – that time of year where everyone around you begins to slack off and dream of their summer holidays in Tahiti.

Either way, at this time of year, you just can’t win!

Now, personally, Old Taskmaster is far more of a fan of Festivus; that holiday for the rest of us inspired by George Costanza’s dad where everyone airs their grievances while sitting in front of an aluminium pole. That’s a feast day your humble correspondent could wholeheartedly endorse!

Anyway, one thing Old Taskmaster has learnt after many years wasted on this largely inhospitable rock in the Orion Belt is that a little bit of festive spirit seems to motivate the humanoids.

And with less than three weeks to go, if you want to get value out of your Christmas decorations, now’s the time to string up the tinsel.

You might as well organise an office Kris Kringle now too. Why a KK you ask? Because you effectively outsource the act of getting $2 shop “Christmas gifts” to your staff, that’s why!

The added bonus is when they get bitterly disappointed about getting a $2 whoopee cushion, or chocolate covered peanuts when everyone in the office knows they’re allergic to nuts, it’s someone else’s fault. An anonymous someone else – who didn’t buy the crappy present on your credit card!

If you’re just starting a business (I know, this is an uncertain proposition at a website named StartupSmart) it’s also a great time to start another Christmas tradition. The one that says your workplace uniform includes a Santa hat in December – because you love that Christmas spirit!

Of course, anyone who spent part of their adolescence working at a national takeaway chain or supermarket knows, the silly Santa hat isn’t for festive merriment at all – it’s for the boss’ merriment. And since you’re now the boss, why not enjoy one of the perks of the job – namely, making your staff look silly in the lead-up to Christmas.

There are other benefits to a shop or office filled with tinsel and silly Santa hats too. Namely, it sets off that feeling of dread in people when they begin to subconsciously realise they still need to do more Christmas shopping for their close friends and family. It’s a good guilt, that one – it can only be cured by them agreeing to a sale!

So what are you waiting for! It’s time to make your shop or office look festive!

Get it done – today!

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