Update your networking database

TaskmasterWe all do it. We go out to a networking event, a lunch or a meeting and we come back with a handful of business cards in your pocket. We throw them on the desk in a pile and promptly forget about them.


It’s crazy of course. That pile could contain the name of next month’s big deal, or at least the name of a potential supplier willing to give you a good deal.


So here’s what you need to do – turn that pile of cards into an actual, proper database.


It’s not hard. Sit down with the cards and a spreadsheet and start typing. Or, if you are really tech savvy, use one of the many business card readers now available on smartphones to put those cards into your contact book straight away.


However, let’s add another element. As you enter the information, why not try and classify your contacts into a few broad categories – something like potential customer, potential supplier or contact could work well.


That way, when you are desperate for even a lukewarm lead, you only need look as far as your contact book.


Get it done – today!


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