What training should I provide?

Training staff will help your employees increase efficiency, reduce staff turnover and will benefit your company in the long run.



The type of training you provide will vary greatly on your industry. If working in food, you should provide safety and hygiene training, while if your business is working in IT then your staff should be consistently given training on the newest software and hardware being released.


Perhaps the most important training you should be giving is to your sales team. Many organisations provide training or team-building exercises for their sales teams, and semi-regular retreats are often a good idea.


Also determine whether it will be easier to provide this type of training in-house, or through outsourcing. Some experts suggest outsourcing training, particularly in the first few years.


You should also provide some type of career advancement training, or the possibility of having workers move up in the business. Employees won’t feel motivated to stay employed if they feel they don’t have any opportunity to move forward, or any prospects for their career.


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