When is enough, enough?

With decisions about how to divvy up the carbon tax dollars happening right now I thought I’d better stay on topic with the never ending saga that climate change has become and will be for the rest of our lives.

The Critical Decade is the first report released by the Climate Commission.


The report released May 23, 2011 is yet another peer reviewed scientific publication that confirms the reality of climate change in our lives today. Click here for the key messages.


Both sides of politics are attempting to use it to support their policies on climate change action. The Coalition is really clutching at straws in support of their “direct action” approach.

Yet there are still people out there that claim climate change is rubbish. Some of them have positions of great power as well.


This report and commentary from many other international scientists have picked this decade as the make or break period for which we must take decisive significant action to decarbonise our economies.

It has again been shown that acting now will be far cheaper than acting in the future.

Climate change poses huge risks to business, global economies and human and environmental health.


Risk evaluation is an integral part of any business decision yet when it comes to climate change policy and action politics, science (or lack of science as is more often the case) and emotions seem to drive the decision-making process rather than straight forward risk analysis. Such a shame.

It really is looking as though something will be happening sooner rather than later in terms of pricing carbon. This means you, as a business operator, need to think about how to minimise your carbon risk…that is if you haven’t already.

If we applied the simple process of risk evaluation and management to this massive problem we might actually begin to get somewhere.


I have talked about how climate risk will affect your business in previous posts and I will talk about it again in future posts but I’d love to hear what you’re concerns are regarding climate change and the looming carbon tax.


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