“A quiet space and a cup of tea”: This is Richard Branson’s nightly routine

Richard Branson

Despite Richard Branson’s celebrity-like status in the world of business and entrepreneurship, it might shock some people to find out his nightly routine is probably pretty similar to everyone else’s, business-minded or not.

There’s no meditating, going for “brisk walks”, or planning the day ahead. Rather, the billionaire‘s routine mainly involves two things quintessentially British: a good meal and a cup of tea.

“While I’m known for being predictably unpredictable – I’m always up for an adventure and love a calculated risk – I do, however, have a morning and nightly routine. I find structure to start and finish the day helps me to focus, and achieve the things I need to,” Branson recently wrote on his blog.

The start of Branson’s nightly routine involves a sit-down dinner, which he uses as a way to drum up conversation and laughter with whoever his dinner guests are. This can include his family and his wife, or even a couple of local thought leaders (as you do).

“Whenever I’m travelling, I like to invite local thought leaders and change-makers to dinner, so that I can learn more about the social and cultural landscape of the countries in which Virgin is operating,” Branson says.

“It’s incredibly important for me as a business leader to have my finger on the pulse and know what I’m talking about.”

After some brainstorming with the world’s brightest minds, Branson retreats to his room for a cup of tea and some quiet time, doing a quick “social media sweep” before bed.

“Finishing the day reading your feedback on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram makes me feel very humbled,” he says.

Branson doesn’t peruse Instagram right up until he turns the lights off, however, making sure he turns off his iPad prior to going to sleep to let his brain unwind.

“If I have some time to spare, I’ll read for a bit or perhaps watch a documentary, to help me relax and put me in a great frame of mind to get a good night’s sleep,” he says.

“Then it’s in bed and lights out hopefully by 11pm. I typically need five to six hours sleep to get the most out of my days.”

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