Animee aimed at beer-loving ladies

AnimeeBritain is to host the launch of a new “bloat resistant” beer, aimed at persuading more women to choose a brew over wine.



Animee, named after a French word meaning “motivated” or “livened up”, is promoted by makers Molson Coors as lightly sparkling and less bitter than typical lagers.


“One of the things we need to recognise in the industry is we’ve effectively ignored 50% of the population for many years,” a brewery spokeswoman says.


Animee comes in three flavours – standard, rose and lemon – and is marketed as a waistline-friendly beverage for women, with just 107 calories in each bottle.


Several other special beers have hit the market in recent times, including Queer Beer, which is aimed at the gay and lesbian community.


Does this mean there’s more demand for beers of a less blokey nature? It certainly would seem so, so why not come up with your own concoction?


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