Ask for a discount

The Taskmaster - Ask for a DiscountHow many times has a customer asked you for a discount in the last month?



Once? Twice? Every freaking time you try to complete a deal? I thought as much. Well today, it is time to strike back by doing some haggling of your own.


While entrepreneurs are used to being asked for discounts from suppliers, many start-ups feel they lack the size or stature to ask suppliers for a deal. But that’s just silly. As you well know, it’s a extremely competitive world out there, and suppliers need your business as much as you need them.


So get on the phone and demand a discount. It might be 5% off for early payment, it might be a discount for cash, or it might be a discount for a bulk order. Or just tell them you are shopping around for a new supplier and want their very best price – you might be surprised at what you get.


The point is to ask. And don’t worry about damaging the business relationship – like you, they are used to being asked for price reduction.


Get it done – today!


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