Call up a former customer


This article first appeared on September 14th, 2010.


It’s always tough at this time of the year to come up with new initiatives to boost sales. The end of the year is in sight, your key staff might be a bit tired and the market is extremely tricky right now.


At times like these, it’s always good to pick some low hanging fruit, which is why each year I like to launch a little thing called Operation Reconnect.


The premise is simple: I get our sales admin staff to go back over our customer records and get me the name of every customer that hasn’t bought from us for more than three months.


They might be customers from 12 months ago, or even five years. We give them all a call, re-establish contact and offer them a nice little deal to get them interested again.


Does it always work? Not instantly. But we know that if they don’t buy straight away, we will at least remain on the radar the next time they do need to buy.


Get it done – today!


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