Don’t leave the customer with work to do

taskmasterThe other day I got a call from my insurance company trying to sell me something else.


Now, I dislike these sort of calls as much as the next person, but I have to admit I have a little weakness for salespeople – I was one myself and I think I am doing a bit of a community service by listening to their pitches. Sometimes I even give them a tip or two.


This pitch went along the usual way. The salesperson gave her spiel, I listened politely and then said I wasn’t looking for her product at the moment.


Undeterred, she asked for my email address and promised to send through some information. And then she said the fatal words: “If you’re interested, feel free to get back to me.”


Um, I don’t think so. You’re trying to sell something to me here – why on earth does she think she’s going to get me to do any work?


So I told her so.


“What you should have said was ‘I’ll call you in a week when you’ve had a chance to review that,’” was my advice.


The ball remains in her court – and she’ll have another chance to sell.


Get it done – today!


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