Find a sales mentor

TaskmasterHow many mentors does a start-up entrepreneur want or need? My short answer is that you can never have too many.


When I was starting Taskmaster Enterprises, I had one mentor who could guide me through the start-up process and the early days of my business.


Then I added a mentor who could give me people management skills. I added another who could provide some advice around finance matters and then I added a mentor who could help me with product.


But perhaps the most important mentor I got was a mentor who could teach me about sales.


As every entrepreneur knows, there is lots of information around about sales – lots of books, lots of blogs, lots of coaches, lots of advice – but nothing beats a bit of practical knowledge from another entrepreneur who has actually run sales teams, closed deals, and generated leads when times were tough.


They are an invaluable source of fresh ideas that actually work.


The key things with mentors is to build a team of trusted advisors – sort of like the board you have before you get a formal advisory board.


They can be an invaluable asset, so get it done – today!


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