Get an insight before you meet

taskmasterThe other day I had a meeting with a sales representative who was trying to sell us a new software platform.


Her spiel was pretty stock standard, and I’ve got to admit that I found myself drifting off a touch. I was thinking of my next meeting, those unanswered emails, dinner that night…


And suddenly, she had my full attention.


“I gather you’ve just rolled out this new product,” she said. “There are a few ways I think out software can really help with that.”


Thanks goodness – nothing speaks to a prospective client more than a personalised pitch.


It sounds simple, but so many sales people just go out and make their pitch with no thought to how it is relevant to the particular prospect.


Knowing something about the company’s strategy and market positioning is crucial. Having some insight into new products or current initiatives is something that can turn a struggling sales call into a real winner.


So do your research. Know the company, the people, the culture and particularly the strategy.


Get it done – today!


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