Get your personal description down pat

taskmasterI came across a great post the other day on about personal branding, arguing that there are some words that you should NEVER use to describe yourself.


“Motivated” was one suggestion. Isn’t everyone supposed to be?


“Authority” is another. Something you want to be very careful about using.


“Unique” was another good suggestion. Again, it’s something that everyone should try to be.


I would add a few to the list:


“Dynamic” is one of my bugbears. I have absolutely no idea what this means.


“Strategic” is another one I worry about – it seems to be a catch-all description that shouldn’t be used unless you are in specific role focused on strategy.


Just as you want a single sentence to sum up the value proposition of your company, you want a quick, easy-to-understand personal description that lets people know exactly what you do.


So don’t say, “I’m a creative, passionate entrepreneur looking to expand my business according to the global vision of our company.”


Say simply: “I’m the founder of a [insert description here] that helps [insert here].”


People will immediately know you are passionate, helpful and an entrepreneur determined to grow a strong business – and they won’t think you are full of it.


Get it done – today!


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