Go mystery shopping

The TaskmasterWe all love talking about what great customer service we provide, and most entrepreneurs feel that their customer services style sets them apart from the pack.


But how long has it been since you looked at your customer service process closely, and tried to find the areas of improvement?


Here’s what to do. Pretend for an hour or so that you are a new customer, coming to your business (that is, your shop front, your website or your place of business for the first time) and then try to go through the process of buying something from your company – and don’t worry, you can give yourself a full refund later!


Look at everything. The information you are provided with on arrival. The ease of which you can examine products or services. The ease of which you can see prices. The process of completing an actual transaction. The assistance provided throughout the process.


You will soon see where roadblocks and obstacles are, and where the customer service process could be expanded and improved upon.


And make sure you are developing a real customer service process here. While customer service does rely on your great staff, a strong and proven process will give new staff something to fall back on.


If you want to take this a step further, get a friend or mentor to do the mystery shopping for you and report back.


Get it done – today!


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