How do I create a good ad campaign?

Your ad campaigns will only be successful if you know your audience extremely well. Your campaign must have a specific focus and speak to a certain demographic.



Use a bold heading to grab customers’ attention quickly. Make sure you print your materials in bold and bright graphics and colours. Think about the service you’re offering and then use pictures to illustrate that. For example, a real estate agency might use a picture of a house.


Highlight your product and what you can do, but don’t just sell your product – sell the benefits of your product. If you produce software, show users how much time your customers will save by using it.


You also need to give your customers something to do – this is known as a call to action. Give them something to visit or contact – a website, social media site, phone number or email. Make sure your contact information or website is big, bold, bright and can’t be easily skimmed over.


Marketing expert Darren Woolley from TrinityP3 says your campaign must have a clear focus and message that resonates within a specific demographic.


“Know your audience. You cannot have a good campaign without knowing your audience. Your message must be totally engaging to them and speak to them, where they are at that particular time. It must be something they feel

strongly about.”

“If you’re using social media, it’s all about discussing what they are interested in, participating in the discussion. From an advertising point of view, it’s all about giving them information that they want to use. That is what will attract people to your message.”


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