If you want a slice of the action, make sure your cheesy campaign can deliver

taskmasterOne of Old Taskmaster’s guilty pleasures in life is ordering a hot pizza at the end of a chaotic week at Taskmaster Towers.


Sure, a half Aussie half barbeque meatlovers with double bacon has a level of nutritional value that would give a cardiologist a coronary. Then again, you can spend your life waiting for a healthy pie in the sky, but the local pizza shop delivers.


So it was with some interest that Old Taskmaster read about Domino’s recent social media campaign.


A “game changing” announcement, they said. The biggest news to hit the pizza industry in 20 years. The public were strung along like mozzarella by the cheesy hype.


When it comes to game changing new treats in pizza form, Old Taskmaster is all for the Comandante Che of pizzas! Viva la pizza revolución – with double bacon!


Unfortunately the big news was released, and the overcooked hype fell like… well… dominoes.


After spending weeks hamming up their announcement, instead of delivering a revolution with the lot, they instead delivered… new toppings.


Now, this isn’t to say that pizza consumers won’t enjoy tomato capsicum sauce on their favourite fast food. I’m sure many would. But it’s not exactly the biggest news in the fast food industry in the past 20 years, now is it?


Understandably, the half-baked payoff left many consumers as cold as a day-old pizza. A large number complained on the company’s official Facebook page.


“Making square pizzas with nicer toppings certainly isn’t worth the hype. I can’t believe that Domino’s think this advertising is going to win them any new customers!!! Dumb Dumb Dumb!!!,” one posted.


Well, Old Taskmaster says this. It’s easy to over-promise and under-deliver in your sales and marketing. But the lesson from Domino’s is that sometimes it’s better to hold back on your sales spiel and allow expectations to be exceeded than to oversell your toppings and leave your customers feeling underwhelmed.


That’s base truth, no matter how you slice it.


Get it done – today.


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