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Taskmaster This article first appeared 17 March, 2011.


Emails. Phone calls. Text messages. LinkedIn messages. When you are in business, there is a never-ending stream of communications coming your way.


Most of the time, it’s enough to make your scream – and enough to make you extremely distracted.


But in an environment where knowing your customers is everything, you could question whether you are actually accessible enough?


US billionaire Mark Cuban makes a great point on He argues that there is nothing more important than building relationships with customers and the more personal they are, the better.


“In every business I have had, I have made sure my customers have had my email address and can reach me directly,” he says.


“I’ve given my email address out on national TV. Customers of any of our businesses can and do email me with questions and comments. Each and every email is an opportunity for me to solidify a customer relationship or to add a new customer. I’m shocked that more entrepreneurs don’t do the same.”


It’s a very different way of thinking, but it does make sense. It might lead to more clutter in your inbox (you’ll certainly need to be organised to deal with it) but it could actually lead to more sales.


And that’s the whole point, isn’t it?


Get it done – today.


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