Invite a guest to your sales meeting

TaskmasterHere at Taskmaster Enterprises, I’ve seen first-hand how sales meetings can get pretty predictable.


Everyone comes in, gives their reports, gets some praise or criticism and then gets their marching order for the week, month or quarter ahead.


If you really want to inspire your sales team, why not invite a special guest to address them from outside your business?


It could be:

  • A sales training expert.
  • A customer prepared to provide some frank and fearless feedback.
  • A member of operations who can explain how sales deals are actually delivered on.
  • A non-executive board member to talk about wider company performance.
  • A facilitator to brainstorm sales ideas for the year ahead.
  • A non-business speaker to talk about high performance in an unrelated space.


Think laterally and find someone who can motivate and inspire your sales people.

Get it done – today!


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