Launch a new product like it’s the Samsung Galaxy S4

Itaskmastern the next few days, one of the largest consumer electronics firms in the world will launch arguably its most important product for the year.


That’s right, kids. Samsung is launching its next major Android smartphone, the Galaxy S4.


Now, admittedly, Samsung aren’t quite as slick as Apple in the hype department. In fact, they even won a patent infringement lawsuit filed by Apple last year on the grounds that no one will ever confuse a Samsung product for an Apple product – Samsung just isn’t cool enough!


That’s right, kids, there’s literally a UK High Court precedent that says Samsung isn’t cool. It’s common law.


Nonetheless, they have managed to corner the Android smartphone market and even overtake Apple in smartphone sales over the past year. When it comes to marketing their products, they must be doing something right.


So it was with some interest that earlier today, Old Taskmaster read this article highlighting some of the ways the company is pre-hyping its new device.


Over the past few days, they’ve been tweeting photos of their own billboards in key locations, including New York, London and Hong Kong. They’ve tweeted photos of a flash mob dancing in Times Square.


However, Twitter is far from the only social media service they’ve used. On Facebook, they’ve posted dimly lit photos of the new device. On YouTube, they’ve posted a series of “short films” about a young boy who is lucky enough to be given the first of the new smartphones.


Then some details of the product, including the official launch event poster and a New York Times story about a possible (although most likely non-existent) new feature called “Eye Scroll” (get it? iScroll?) just happened to leak to the press.


In effect, what they’ve rolled out is a comprehensive hype campaign over several social media channels. It’s the best campaign money can buy.


Now, your business almost certainly doesn’t have the cash to pull off something similar. But there are a few neat ideas you can copy.


For example, if you have a billboard, why not take a photo and tweet it? Why not create an official product launch poster and tweet it? Why not post photos of your products on Facebook? Why not shoot an imaginative short film for YouTube?


Well, Old Taskmaster says this: Take a moment out of your schedule to have a look at some of the tactics used in this publicity campaign – and then brainstorm how similar ideas could be applied to your next social media campaign or product launch.


Get it done – today!


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