Should I leverage topical news events for my advertising?

Great question. Think of everything in society as an opportunity to communicate your brand proposition.


Everything that generates media in and of itself is an opportunity to advocate your brand with something, and ride on its coat tails.


And that’s the rub. What are you associating your brand with? What does it say about your proposition?


Tactical advertising around cultural events is a way of proving your brand is contemporary and connected to cultural events.


However, that’s all it does – the rest is up to you. The test is to prove your proposition.


If your brand is a saucepan lid that “prevents spills” then it makes sense to leverage the next government spill.


If you sell shampoo it’s harder. Get it?


Further, the better the idea, the more cut through and pass on ability your advertising will have.


Some brands lend themselves to more provocative topical ideas (youthful, irreverent, etc).


Is your brand one of these? Again, if so, then go for it.


In short, if you’re a start-up I’d leverage every topical event I could that:

  • gets my brand attention
  • gives me an opportunity to prove my brands proposition
  • feels like it’s worth the effort.

Think of current events as potential free media. Like all media, you need to decide if it’s right for your brand.


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