Take you best customer to lunch

The TaskmasterLots of entrepreneurs like to say they listen to their customers, and use their ideas to drive their business forward.


What they really mean is that they listen for the sound of their customers cash hitting their bank accounts, and use this as confirmation their business is on the right track.


That’s silly. Your customers might be buying, but they might not be completely happy with your product, or they might have a brilliant idea on how to fix it. But if you don’t spend a bit of time actually talking with them, you will never know.


So here’s what to do. Scan your customer list, figure out who your biggest customer is and arrange to take them to lunch.


They’ll think it’s just a bit of schmoozing, but what you are really going to do is pump them for information.


What do they like about your business and products? What don’t they like? What could work better? What should be discarded? What complementary products would make their life easier?


For as little as $50 (no, you can’t just take them for a sandwich) you’ll have impressed your best customer and got five good ideas to take back for further development.


Get it done – today!


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