The publican’s secret strategy

taskmasterEverybody loves to win something, especially in these tight-fisted times. So why not take advantage of that and hold a little competition and get a bit of buzz going around your business.


The best competitions have a sense of time and place about them.


My favourite is the “bar tab” draw run by our local pub.


Every Friday night, at 6pm sharp, the publican would draw a business card out of the hat and the winner would get a $1,000 bar tab on one condition – they had to be in the pub.


If the winner wasn’t there, the prize would jackpot. After a few months, the pub was packed every Friday with people trying to win a $1,000 worth of free drinks.


Now, I know most of you won’t own pubs. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a sense of time and place. You could hold a weekly client barbecue on a Friday and give away a free product or service, with a similar jackpot model.


Or you could give away a prize to someone who spent a certain amount of money in-store or online on a certain day – what a great way to drum things up on a quiet selling day.


Competitions often have state-based rules and regulations around them, so be smart about how you structure yours (make it a game of skill rather than a game of chance and you’ll be better off).


But if your business needs buzz, a competition is a great tool.


Get it done – today!


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