Use your founder powers to make cold calls work

taskmasterThe other day I got a cold call from the CEO of a printing company, enquiring as to whether I had any printing needs that he could fulfil.


Now, as you could imagine, someone as important as me doesn’t usually take cold calls. I have people to do that sort of stuff.


But when I heard it was the CEO of a company calling me, I was willing to pick up.


Heck, I thought. Even if I don’t know this bloke, I might be able to get something out of him about the state of the market and the economy.


It’s one thing when sales people – or worse, call centres – perform cold calls. It’s another entirely when the CEO or founder hits the phone.


You, dear business owner, do have a certain cache. People do want to talk to you and hear your story. And other business leaders are prepared to make personal contacts, to a certain extent at least.


So be prepared to use your CEO/founder superpowers. Hit the phones and get some sales!


Get it done – today!


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