How NRMA helped scale up my startup

I often think that founding a startup is like building with papier mâché.


You create it one step at a time, layer upon layer. It might feel like every step is small but with a bit of luck you look back and you’ve created something really solid.


In 2013, my co-founders and I started a social venture with a grand mission – to help all household items reach their full lifespan.


We thought if we could make it easier to share things we no longer needed we could help one another, save money and have a positive impact on the environment.


This idea turned into TuShare, Australia’s fastest growing giving network.


TuShare is a place where people give things to one another for free, powered by a unique door-to-door delivery service.


Since launching less than a year ago, thousands of Australians have helped each another.


On this journey I have learnt it’s not enough to have a great product, it’s reaching customers that is one of the hardest things to do.


It’s for this reason I feel lucky to have received investment from the National Roads and Motorists’ Association (NRMA).


Not only did NRMA provide us with resources we needed to build our business, but also the opportunity for us to ‘scale up’ by promoting TuShare to its Members.


When many of us think of NRMA we may just think of roadside assistance.


I have learnt that NRMA is much bigger than its’ roadside service with many products and services designed to help its’ Members.


NRMA’s reach is incredible – with over 2.4 million members across NSW and the ACT.


This is an incredible number of potential customers for any startup to consider.


It wasn’t only the investment from NRMA we found invaluable, NRMA’s innovation, strategy and investment teams have provided essential advice and support for our growing business.


Just as they help their Members, we have felt they are truly dedicated to helping us succeed.


TuShare has grown tenfold over the last sixth months and we have big dreams for the future.


It’s great to be on this journey with NRMA.


I would strongly encourage any startup looking to take their first step and for any scale-up looking to grow to consider applying to the Jumpstart program.


If chosen the ‘papier-mâché’ layers will fly on.


James Moody is the CEO of Tushare.

Applications for NRMA’s Jumpstart program close this Friday 14 November 2014. Go to for details.


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