New support on hand for tech start-ups

Australian technology start-ups could be boosted by the launch of an international network that aims to provide funding and research for the sector.



The International Institute of Software Economics, Innovation and Entrepreneurship has opened up an Australian office to add to its presence in the UK, Croatia and Malaysia. The non-profit organisation has also worked on start-up programs in the US with Microsoft.


The IISEIE, which is based on the Gold Coast, aims to link technology start-ups to funding by promoting the sector to government and trade organisations.


Although it doesn’t directly provide finance itself, the organisation runs programs such as workshops, research and networking in order to support start-ups.


The IISEIE has already worked with universities in Australia and said that the “vibrant” nature of software start-ups in the country prompted it to open a branch in the country.


Malcolm Fraser, CEO of IISEIE, says: “The objectives of the Australian IISEIE branch will be to focus on facilitating collaboration between the various stakeholder of the local software economy, and supporting software start-ups, entrepreneurs and vendors to develop innovative software solutions with export potential.”


“We aim to help provide local ICT businesses with increased support to grow their businesses as well as encourage increased entrepreneurship and investment in Australia.”


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