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Android app development dominates over Apple iOS

Myriam Robin /

Android app development continues to power ahead of Apple’s iOS, according to figures released yesterday by


The global jobs board has released its internal figures on the fastest-growing job sectors, derived from the jobs posted on the website in the second quarter of 2013.


There were 14.8% more Android app development jobs posted on, but only 10.2% more iPhone development jobs. Development for the iPad shrunk 2.5% in the quarter. Around 80% of all smartphones worldwide run the Android operating system.


Another fast-growing segment was design services, suggesting SMEs are embracing freelancers over traditional agencies. Illustration was up 19.7%, Photoshop design was up 19.4% and logo design was up 9.2%. Facebook marketing also grew 16% over the quarter, while Twitter marketing jobs stagnated with just 2% growth.


Jobs requiring 3D printing expertise also grew strongly, with 3D rendering up 17.3% and 3D modelling up 12.5%.


SMEs are’s largest users, so the data offers a glimpse into the types of roles SMEs are outsourcing. Traditionally, small business operators have outsourced discrete, non-repeatable tasks on the peripheries of their business operations.


But the fastest-growing categories for Freelancer were tasks more central to businesses, requiring a deep understanding of the business to execute well.


The fastest-growing task overall was the creation of PowerPoint presentations, which was up 35.4% to 2030 jobs in the second quarter of 2013. There were over 1000 accounting jobs posted on the site – up 23.3% – while report writing was up 20.5%.


The largest job type posted on remained PHP development – there were over 43,000 jobs posted over the three months, which was steady on the previous quarter.