Anything’s Pozible for musician Clare Bowditch following funding success

Australian musician Clare Bowditch will accelerate the development of her side project Big Hearted Business after smashing her $26,450 target on local crowdfunding platform Pozible.


Bowditch, an ARIA Award-winning artist who recently recorded her fifth studio album, is a musician, writer, social commentator and actor. She is also a coach for creative businesses.


In addition to be named Rolling Stone Woman of the Year, Bowditch has toured with Belgian-Australian music artist Gotye, and currently hosts an Australian music show for Qantas. She is also a mother of three.


Her side project, Big Hearted Business, or BHB, is described as a “practical, creative response to the sometimes overwhelming possibilities of our times”.


It aims to teach creative entrepreneurs how to build successful businesses without compromising their integrity. It also teaches existing businesses how to be more creative in their thinking.


Information is delivered via weekly videos, expert interviews, online courses, live events and in-house programs.


In a bid to boost the development of BHB, Bowditch launched a funding campaign on local crowdfunding platform Pozible, which is tailored for creative projects and ideas.


Her goal was to raise $26,450, offering backers a range of rewards including an unreleased song, merchandise, show tickets, private gigs, and the chance to record a song at Bowditch’s studio.


With 80 days to go, Bowditch has already raised more than $30,000.


“Not only am I thrilled, I’m also stunned, and seriously, seriously humbled,” she wrote in a project update on January 31.


“What your support signifies is that the kind of education that BHB will offer is right on time.”


Bowditch said the capital raised so far will be used for website creation, graphic design, and writing, filming, producing and editing eCourses to be released in the second half of the year.


It will also go towards marketing and promotion, including the launch of the first BHB conference in March.


Bowditch said any additional cash will go towards “hugely sexy things” including:

  • A much higher quality of production (filming, recording, editing and sound engineering) on the weekly videos for the BHB mailing list/website.
  • More time for BHB’s graphic designers, artists, sound technicians, filmmakers, audio engineers and IT specialists to do their jobs.
  • Employment, superannuation and insurance costs (including the promotion of existing staff to full-time positions, and filling new part-time staff positions).


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