Australian businesses look to shine at G’Day USA

Export start-ups have been urged to take note of the Australian businesses that are set to make their mark at G’Day USA, the showcase for firms looking to enter the US market.


Now in its eighth year, the G’Day USA program, set to be held next week, is considered the world’s largest foreign country promotion, with trade and investment events held in major cities across the United States including Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Washington.  


Held in conjunction with Austrade, G’Day USA is an opportunity for Australian businesses to showcase their products, services and capabilities, with the ultimate aim of breaking into the US market.


Austrade spokesperson Sarkis Khoury says businesses must be export-ready in order to attend, which means most of them have been operating for three to four years.


Khoury says start-ups looking to attend G’Day USA in the future should take note of the Australian industries currently in demand in the US, including algae bio-fuel and financial services technology.


Grame Barty, Austrade regional director for the Americas, says this year’s program builds on last year’s efforts to present Australia as an innovative, sophisticated economy with leading edge research technology, goods and services.


“Austrade continues to play a pivotal role in the program, creating new business opportunities in energy, water management, bio-fuels, financial services, fashion and food, as well as promoting Australia as a desirable place for investment,” Barty says.


Barty says last year’s focus on water and energy management will continue in 2011 as companies seek to address their environmental impact.


“A highlight of the Austrade-managed events is the three-day Water Forum in Los Angeles followed by a five-city water seminar tour,” Barty says.


“The Water Series Tour and mission brings together leading Australian and US policymakers and industry leaders to showcase Australia’s expertise in water conservation, management, policy and product development.”


“It also serves to foster greater collaboration and two-way trade and investment between both countries,” he said.


The West Coast program also features a clean technology seminar and networking event in San Diego to highlight Australian capability in this sector.


Australian and US experts will discuss the developments, challenges and opportunities in bio-fuels and raise Australia’s profile as a natural business partner in the US, particularly in San Diego, which is recognised as an innovation centre for algae bio-fuels.


In San Francisco, an innovation forum will showcase Australian developments in science and technology, specifically in areas of space, biotech, mobile and digital, and clean energy.


Meanwhile, events in New York and Boston will continue to promote Australia’s world-class capabilities in financial services, financial services technology, and fashion.


There is also a series of satellite events taking place, including:



New South Wales Innovation Showcase: FastPitch will showcase some of the innovative technologies, services and opportunities being realised in NSW.


Seven green technology companies from Sydney will take to the stage in California and offer new approaches and new solutions to water management, energy efficiency, management and savings, sustainability education, and environmental impact analysis tools.


Each company has just 10 minutes to convince an expert panel that their technology has what it takes to deliver commercial and environmental returns in the US market.


2011 Victoria Taste It! will be a gala dinner hosted by the Victorian Government in San Francisco.


The event will involve 13 Victorian food and beverage companies who represent a broad cross-section of Victoria’s food industry including meat, dairy, seafood, beer, wine and specialty goods.


Victoria’s food industry is Australia’s largest manufacturing sector, contributing more than $6 billion to the state’s GDP across 2,000 diverse companies.


This is a trade-focused event designed to educate US industry representatives and media on the positive benefits of Victorian produce, including quality, safety, supply security and efficient logistics channels.


The event will provide Victorian companies with an opportunity to gain market and industry knowledge while reinforcing existing contacts and cultivating new cooperation and exchange.


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